Aerial photography Videography, At skypicsuk we elavate photography using the latest in drone technology.
SkyPicsUK History & Background
Drone technology or UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), as they are otherwise known, have improved immensly over the the last few years, making them a really useful tool in many areas from construction and surveying to weddings, film production or marketing. The Drone can do it all.
Being able to capture the footage previously only available by a helicopter or crane. This can now me achieved at a fraction of the cost. To book a helicopter for a short assignment can cost upwards of £1000 with a Drone it is only a fraction of the cost, even multiple visits are still achievable depending on your requirements. Prices starting from as little as £145.
Cameras can now go to places which are either hazardous, dangerous or expensive to put a person, we can save you the cost of scaffolding and health and safety risks whilst working at height. With real time imagery feeds that can capture high quality stills or video which can be streamed to the operator on the ground allowing you the customer to decide if we are capturing the correct areas.
That crumbling chimney, the leaky roof, even getting married why not capture those memories from a different perspective using a drone this can be achieved with ease.
In the UK we can operate Drones up to 400 feet above ground, this allows us to capture footage in a far more convenient and impressive way to complete your task. A major benefit to most business and organisations is the unobtrusive way we operate.


Aerial Photography & Videography

Regulations and Training
Drone use is regulated by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) inorder to use a drone there are many regulations that must be adhered to, the main ones are below,
CAP 722/393 -
Article 94/95 -
We at SkypicsUK take great pride in the fact we are fully trained completing the RPQ-s through Resource Group, and successfully completing both theory and practical examinations and having "Permission for aerial work" granted by the CAA.
(Reort to the police via 101)

New -Extended permission

SkyPicsUK are proud to announce that we have been granted extra exemptions by the CAA, this means we can fly where most other pilots are unable. This is testimount to our safe practices demonstrated to the CAA when applying for our Operational Safety Case. We have been granted exemptions and have a reduce take-off/landing area and reduced proximity to persons, vehicles, vessels and structures not under our control. Both these ares have been reduced by 20 meters, which means we can safetly and legaly get closer the mst other commercial operators.

Planning and Permissions

Before any filmimng takes place it may be necessary to conduct a pre-site survey, this will take into account factors such as hazards (Power lines, Masts etc) usually just the postcode can  determine this, on some occassions special permission will be required from the CAA. At SkypicsUK we will take care of this as we have a good relationship with the CAA.
Permission of the landowner is paramount before any filming can take place and control of the area to be filmed. SkypicsUK will discuss this with you indetail prior to filming.

We started out as hobbyists but decided to take the plunge into commercial  use of aerial photography. We aim to offer a very affordable product to our customers who can benefit from the fact that the Drone can be deployed virtually instantanously and the customer can see the footage and benefits first hand, live time for themselfs.
Our key objectives at SkypicsUK is to offer the safest possible solution to aerial issues and adopt best practice to the industry. With peice of mind that we are covered by specialist drone insurers Moonrock. 
We can also offer regular/traditional videography and photography services. On many occasions these go hand in hand with aerial work. A good example is in Real Estate where there is no better way to show off a property and make it stand out from the competition.
Our pilots can safety assist with most projects and send cameras to places previously deemed too dangorous or expensive to capture the bespoke services our clients require.
At SkyPicsUK our Drones are fitted with FAILSAFE EQUIPMENT this includes a return to home facility should the pilot be incapacitated or radio signal is lost with the drone (This has never been required to date) Members of the drone safe register and Arpas, we are keen to fully abide by CAA regulations for aerial work.
Providing timings allow a representative from SkypicsUK will meet the client to discuss and advise prior to commencement of filming. This ensures that the best product is produced for the client.

SkypicsUK are base in the south of England and primarily cover the Dorset and Hampshire counties, (Christchurch, Bournemouth, Poole, Southampton, Sailsbury, Dorchester, Lymington, Lyndgurst, Brockenhurst, Totton, Shaftsbury, Sherborne, Weymouth, Portland, Wareham, Swanage, Blandford, Sturminster Marshall, Fordingbridge, Ringwood,Wimborne, Corfe Mullen, Highliffe,Verwood, Romsey, Beaulieu to name a few) We are happy to travel if your project requires. 

The Product
At SkypicsUK we will tailor the final product to our clients needs and requirements, whether this is simply providing the raw material or producing a fully edited high definition product. This will be discussed prior to filming with the customer to ensure they get the best product possible subject to SkypicsUK terms and conditions.
Aerial photography Videography, At skypicsuk we elavate photography using the latest in drone technology.